About Us

About Mental Mutts

Hi There, My name is Elsa and I started Mental Mutts in March 2018. A reliable, caring and trusted dog service. We initally began as a walking only company, however have since branched into training.

I soon grew a love for training when I rescued my girl Coco, who is the soul in Mental Mutts as she is loopy! I began to understand how many dogs are misunderstood and disregarded because we as humans have lots of conflicting information in regards to how we should train and what our expectations of dogs are! Every single dog, like human is different. The way dogs learns, understands and is bred changes so dramatically from dog to dog. So I’ve adapted to learn how to teach the dog right in front of me.

“Any dog can be deemed reactive, if we’ve not taken the time to understand the emotion behind the reaction. Every dog has the ability to be reactive, if its unable to communicate why it feels the way it does. Dogs deserve to be heard, so let’s listen before branding them with labels.” – Elsa Fogden

Elsa Fogden

I’m currently continuing to expand my canine knowlegde in completing my level 4 upwards canine behaviourist qualifications and dog nutrition. I have also completed my dog first aid and IMDT career as a dog trainer course. Ill continue to stay up to date on the most recent science based training. Meaning that in the future I will be able to offer my clients in depth behaviourist consultations for more complex behavioural issues. Therefore whilst studying I will be offering continued basic training and classes to gain exprience and also aid dogs in need.

I like to keep everything here at mental mutts, fun, understanding and realistic. I want to make sure that every dog owner feels confident, knowlegdeable and genuinely enjoys owning their dog. Through play and bonding. I want everyone to be able to share the poistive relationship that I have with my dogs Coco,Cosmo & Crimson. We cannot wait to help you grow a relationship with your 4 legged pal.

Mental Mutts is fully insured, DBS checked and first aid trained.

Full Trainer member of the Association of INTODogs
Certified Animal Trainer with ICAN
Member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter
IMDT career as a dog trainer
Canine First aid
PPN – Full member
PPG- Full member
level 3- 6 Advanced canine behaviour (current study)
Level 3 canine nutrionist

Aswell as, continued CPD to expand knowledge and training.