Training With Us

Training is a continued commitment we should make to our K9’s throughout their lives. We’re often led to believe that training ends at adolesence for dogs, however dogs thrive from regular training. Wether that training be in day to day skills, trick training, agility or scent-work. Dogs minds LOVE to work. From just one regular training session your dog can become more responsive and confident. Not only does training help offer your dog a form of enrichment, give your dog more feedom from life, it also build an incredible bond between you and your dog.

Here at Mental mutts, we offer a range of services which should offer flexiblity to suit you, your dog and your lifestyle. Our services range from 1-2-1 training sessions to upcoming workshops and dogs of all age classes.

To find out more about our current courses drop us a message via our contact information or check our Facebook page.


Mental Mutts have designed fun and engaging one off group workshops which will focus on specific skills.

Loose lead walking workshop
Starting 12/2/22
1 hour course @ £25

Recall bootcamp workshop
starting on 12/2/22 10.00am
1 hour course @£25

Trick training workshop –
Teaching you EVERYTHING there is to know about trick training!
19/2/22 @10am £20 1 hour course.


Mental Mutts provides a private training session which is avaliable with flexiblity to suit around you and your dogs needs. This also includes an indepth training plan tailored to your dogs requirements and continued trainer support. During this unique session we cover any training difficulties you’re expriencing, working on foundational skills to help in day to day life and discuss any concerns you as the owner may have.

1-2-1 training is perfect for new puppies prior to classes, rescues or reactive/nervous dogs.

These sessions are avaliable for up to 1.5 hours to cover everything you may require so you can feel confident on the next steps forward.

New prices effective from 1st March for 1:1 Training (discounts will apply if brought as a package)-

1-1.5 hour Training Including Training plan- £55


Mental Mutts is proud to announce our perfect puppy class our now avaliable to book!
Our classes will help teach you the fundatmental skills you and your puppy need to succeed as your puppy grows. We cover during this 6 week course exactly how to use training to work in everyday life, working on socialisation and focus. We aim to help you build confidence, trust and a life long bond between you and your new best friend. This price of this course also includes a puppy pack, with everything you will need for your first training session. Puppies are welcome after fully vaccinated (proof required @ sign up.)
To find out more about our next avaliable course, please contact us.

Puppy Package

Bringing home your new puppy? Unsure of where to start?
Start your relationship with your puppy right at mental mutts!
Our new puppy package service covers everything you need to know or wanted to know for your puppy’s first steps into its new life, we cover crate training, toliet training, feeding, routine, socialisation and much more! Our package will teach you the continued skills needed to help have the perfect confident puppy! Our package will leave you feeling confident with taking the next steps with your furry friend! Our package contains 2 x 1:1 training sessions and enrolment onto our 6 week puppy class. Our puppy package is tailor made to suit your family and your dogs needs, offering fun games to make training easy for the whole family to get involved in! Mental Mutts also offers continued trainer support, we are always avalible to answer any training questions or just to be a ear to listen. Book today for just £185.